An Open Letter To Stephen Colbert

Dear Stephen,

As a celebrity you are unreachable for simple folks like me.

That is why I post this open letter to you on the Internet.

I hope that when the next time you routinely google your name to check new news about you, the link to this page will pop up and will attract your attention, and after reading it you will think “Hmm, it makes so much sense!”.

Below the line below you find the copy of my recent Facebook post; it is self-explanatory, please, just read.


Valentin Voroshilov


The day before the Christmas I was chatting at work with my colleague; both of us like Stephen Colbert. He told me that the Late Show with Stephen Colbert has low ratings and that it might be cancelled. I was sad enough to check it online. I found that the Late Show is doing fine; however at the beginning of the show it attracted more viewers than any other show. I think it happened because fans of The Colbert Report combined with fans of The Late Show, but then gradually some of them did not really like the new Stephen Colbert.

If you didn't like the Colbert Report you didn't watch it, however if you liked it you could not find anybody else like Stephen Colbert, he was an absolutely unique character. However, now as a host of The Late Show he became one of the many, he became just an entertainer.

I really miss the old Stephen. There is a way, however, to change it. Like the Hulk, Stephen Colbert has a monster in his DNA - his previous character. All he needs to do is just let him out from time to time. It will not repel his current viewers but will help to attract back his old viewers as well!

I think it is a brilliant idea (smile emoticon). The only problem now is how to deliver this idea to Mr. Colbert. My suggestion is simple, if you - like me - like Stephen Colbert, share this message with your friends, and ask them to share it with their friends, and do the same with my tweets to Mr. Colbert, and eventually we will get to him!

And everybody wins!


Hi Stephen, it’s me again, Valentin.

You are a smart, funny, intelligent, nice person.

But if the Stockholm syndrome teaches us anything, it is that people are getting attracted to nasty persons, too (sometimes even stronger than to nice persons).

Currently you are the only TV personality who is equally good at being bad and being good (let us all pray for Jon Stewart’s comeback to TV!).

I’m pretty sure that partial reincarnation of your Colbert Report character will be beneficial for your new show, and it will be a nice gift to all of us (have doubts? Setup a poll!).

Consider this idea as a holiday present to you, to me, and to all your fans.

Happy Holidays!

December 26, 2015